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Baseus Rotation Type Universal Charger Black

Baseus Rotation Type Universal Charger Black

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This completely self-contained universal travel charger features wall socket interfaces applicable in 200+ countries – Europe, America, Britain and Australia.

Literally no matter what you want to plug in, this charger will be able to meet most requests – whether it be mobile phones, hair dryers, kettles, shavers and so on.

In addition, at the plugs base you can find a dual USB port output that is capable of delivering 2.4A quick charging.

This is the Swiss Army knife of the travel adaptor world – and with so many applications comes at our highest recommendation if you are a frequent traveller looking for a simple self-contained universal charging adapter.

To adjust the charger to suit your requirements you simply rotate the bottom section to your desired pin standard and the the charger will adapt to that selected. Its a highly innovative design that is satisfying and easy to use!

  • Leakproof ground design for extra safety
  • Light and portable with hidden pins until needed
  • Fire resistant, flame retardant and drop resistant
  • CE, FCC and RoHS certified – we are your number one choice for safety
  • 100-240 DC voltage applicable to a range of different countries and regions
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