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Baseus Baijing Desktop Mosquito Lamp / Mosquito Killer Lamp

Baseus Baijing Desktop Mosquito Lamp / Mosquito Killer Lamp

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  • Baseus Baijing Desktop Mosquito Lamp / baseus mosquito trap
  • Rated power 3.5W
    Electric shock high voltage 1900±100V
  • Weight 430g
  • Material ABS+PC
  • Rated voltage 5 V
  • Size 180*83*222mm
  • Mosquito killing method light inducement + electric shock
  • Light source wavelength 365nm (Purple Light)
  • Accessories Type-C cable + Cleaning brush

Important Notice
1 .Do not use this product if you have wet hands.
2. Please keep away from children as they must not touch the high-voltage coil.
3. Do not touch the high-voltage coil with conductive objects during use.
4. Do not expose the product to the sun or use it in the environment with spray, humidity, dirt and a high temperature.

Tips for Correct Use
1 The product adopts the physicat mosquito killing method, without adding any drugs and chemical components, and is non-toxic, harmless and smokeless.
2. This product is different from chemical mosquito -killing products such as insecticides and mosquito -repellent incense. It does not kill mosquitoes upon startup, and has to be used for a period of time to continuously purify the indoor environment to avoid mosquitoes.
3. Better use in an environment without people, since the body temperature and smell of a person can attract mosquitoes and affect the use effect.
4. Please turn off other lights to ensure that mosquito killer produces the only light source.

  • Bionic mosquito trap The 365-nanometer purple light wave is used to lure mosquitoes close, with a stable wave band with no long-term decay.
    Electric mosquito zapper
  • The mosquitoes get drawn to the purple light and zap themselves by electric shock when coming into contact with the high-voltage grid.
  • Adjustable wide-area lighting
    The brightness of purple light is adjustable to widen the lure area, protecting even larger spaces from mosquitos.
  • Silent operation
    Silent during use, this lamp does not affect your daily work or sleep.


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