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Baseus Immersive virtual 3D gaming earphone H08 Black

Baseus Immersive virtual 3D gaming earphone H08 Black

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What is Gamo and how does it work?

Gamo is a very specially designed set of earphones that offer three modes of operation:

  • Music Mode – this is the traditional setting and does not require the battery to be charged
  • 3D Gaming Mode – perfect for use in mobile gaming
  • 3D Movie Mode – perfect for use when watching movies

When used in 3D mode the inbuilt 150 mAh battery will require prior charging. Full charge is achieved after 1.5 hours and this then provides 2 hours of constant use and unprecedented quality sound.

The idea behind the Gamo earphone is to provide you with an infinitely better sound experience during gameplay or when watching movies.  In 3D mode, the Recutting technology works to locate critical sound details and deliver them to your ears using a powerful dual driver system. In effect, it expands your awareness of sound by picking up the tiny audio cues you might miss and bringing them to the foregound.

The result of this is that when engaging in gameplay you are better able to engage in your gaming environment and locate your enemies easier, giving  you a competitive advantage. For example, your enemies footsteps or gunshots when using regular earphones just give a general sense of where they might be – but with Gamo you are able to tune in more specifically to their location.

3D Movie Mode is very much like bringing cinema sound to your own personal space. Imagine being on a train and watching a movie but with amazing sound that brings  out all of the hidden audio aspects.

Virtual surround sound has been around for a long time – but never in the format offered by Gamo.

Gamo is compatible with Nintendo Switch, VR, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS4 pro and any mobile device with a 3.5mm jack!

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