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Baseus pavilion Courtyard Mosquito Killer(CN)Black

Baseus pavilion Courtyard Mosquito Killer(CN)Black

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At Baseus, our products are based on our users. Quality, attention to detail and intuitive designs are all aspects which we pride ourselves with.

Full product name:
Baseus Pavilion Series Courtyard Mosquito Killer

It uses mosquito's favorite wavelength of 365nm to lure them loser to the light source, where they are zapped when passing through the high-voltage grid.
It is outdoor proof and can be placed out in the sun, and it can be hung or placed upright on the ground, making it the preferred choice for indoor and outdoor mosquito and bug repellent.

- Material: ABS + PP
- Colour: Black
- Plug type: CN
- Rated Voltage: 220V
- Rated frequency: 50Hz
- Rated power: 18W
- Output Voltage: 4000V
- Light source wavelength: 395nm (purple light)
- Mosquito killing method: Light Inducement + Electric shock
- Suitable environments: balconies, courtyards, gardens etc
- Weight: 1.3kg
- Size: 208 x 208 x 310mm

Main features:
- Two-Pronged Light Tube Imitates Organic Life Luring Mosquitos:
Uses 395 nano ultraviolet light wavelengths to lure mosquitos into coming close.

4000V High Voltage Mosquito Killing Power:

With 4000V high voltage zapping power, it not only kills mosquitos but also kills other small bugs like flys and moths.

IPX4 Level Weather-Proof:

No need to worry about overheating in sunlight or being drenched by rain, as it is IPX4 rated very durable. It's anti-aging ABS and PP material prevents colour fading and corrosion.

Long-lasting and durable.

Drawer-Type Mosquito Collection Container:

The design of the bottom of the mosquito collection container can be easily cleaned with just a single pull.

Hung or Stand Design:

With it's a small ring hook on the top, it can be easily hung with a metal chain or stand on a flat surface.

Enjoy and All-around Mosquito-free Area:

360-degree transparent fence design increases the luring area by 99%, widening the captured scope to lure in even more mosquitos.

Fully Enclosed Protection:

Narrow grid spacing of 0.8cm, just small enough to prevent fingers from reaching through by accident.

How to use:
1 Connect Power Supply:
Before using the product, please confirm the product voltage is compatible with household voltage.
2. Turning On:
Plug in the power supply, the product will turn on, the mosquito-inducing fluorescent lamp will light up, and electrical current begins the flow through the device.
3. Remove The Container:
Pull the drawer at the bottom of the product to remove the mosquito collection drawer and empty out the dead mosquitos.
4 Replace the lamp tube:
Take out the mosquito collection box, remove the bottom bracket screw, pull out the lamp tube for replacement, and then replace it.

Important notes:
1. Please check the voltage and compatibility before use.
2. Do not disassemble or roughly use.
3. To avoid fire and explosion danger, do not place the product into or close to any fire source.
4. When using this device, try to reduce the light in the desired area to avoid interference from other light sources such as fluorescent lamps, televisions, and outside light; avoid strong wind such as fans, and air conditioners. The product works best in closed spaces without people present.
5. To avoid sight loss or skin damage, do not look directly into light source of the lamp tube or sit or stand nearby it for an extended period when the product is powered on.
6. This poduct should be kept OUT OF THE REACH of CHILDREN when in use. DO NOT put fingers or metal objects into the wire grid, so as to avoid accidents.
7. If the power cord or power grid is damaged, in order to avoid danger, please send it to a professional for repair or replacement.
8. When not in use for an extended period, please unplug from the power source and store in a safe place.
9. If the product is left in an off state in an outdoor courtyard, please cover and protect from rain, water and lightning to avoid damaging the product.
10. Do not use in places where flammable vapors and explosive dust may exist.
11. When using extension cords, keep the power output socket away from moisture and avoid damaging the cords.

Please note:
- Please carefully read the instruction manual before use.
- All of our premium Baseus products have gone through rigorous quality control processes designed to make sure that our customers receive a product which can be relied on.
- Baseus and its distributor are not liable for misuse of Baseus products.

What's in the box
1x Baseus Pavilion Series Courtyard Mosquito Killer
1x Instruction Manual

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